A website is a must for all Businesses, why?
Very few people use a phonebook or directory
Most people now  search online from their PC, Phone or Tablet
We can put your business quickly on line for as little as £200.00

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What's the next step?

We don’t need or expect you to talk to us in technical jargon. You need to convey to us your passion for your business, what you have achieved and what you aspire to. Getting in touch with us shows you want to progress your business.

We do need to know what you want from us: a completely new website, an update to an existing site, or add extra functions such as a shopping cart system.

How Long will it take?

Things can move quite quickly, for instance, on day one, we can register your domain name, set up the hosting and email accounts and install the basic framework for your website.

What we need to know at this point is what information you want to put on the website, text content, images and contact details. Do you want an e-commerce site, a basic website or a general purpose website.

Content is the one area where you can make an impact so give it plenty of thought.

Although a lot of the content is about you or your business it should be also about what the visitor is looking for. You may consider adding further information via useful or recommended links to other websites which your visitor might appreciate and share with other people. You may also want to ask your suppliers to add a link back to your website.

All of this builds the right kind of traffic, there are lots of other more technical things you can do to your site to attract more visitors but none of that will be effective unless you know what your visitors want from you.

A website is not a book to read but an interactive media. You may want to include a regular newsletter page or ask them to join a mailing list, or include a "Comments" form to be completed and submitted to your business. Give your visitors something that passive visitors don't get, special offers, coming events, inside information, only to those on your mailing list.

Regular updates to information or news on your website will keep customers returning. We give full access to your website where you can edit, add, change or delete articles.

Finally how do you tell us what you want? We have been in business for many years and have a broad and in-depth knowledge of many types of business. We will offer you advice as we communicate and hopefully end up with the solution you want.

Taste and opinion is in the eye of the beholder so don't be afraid to say "I don't like it", it's your website and we will not be offended.

About Offshore Mailroom


We don't have problems, only solutions.

In 1999 Offshoremailroom started life as Feegan's Internet Lounge, we were the first retail outlet to offer broadband internet access to the public.

We also started developing websites for both business and individuals at reasonable prices along with hosting services and IT support.

Following our relocation to bigger premises in 2004 Feegan's Continental Café was launched to compliment the Internet Lounge creating a great balance between a fun environment and a professional service. 

Towards the end of 2010 we decided to sell the internet café and concentrate on web design and hosting.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer services, going to amazing lengths to ensure our customer's targets are met. Our web services include domain name registration, website hosting and design. Our websites are responsive to ensure they are compatible with all mobile media. If you have an online requirement, we will endeavour to fulfil it.

Offshore Mailroom always maintain a high level of honesty and integrity in our business dealings. We see our customers as partners, with us being an extension of their organisation. We have often suggested less costly options for new clients rather than trying to squeeze every last penny from them, in this way, as their business grows, we can provide them with an expanding range of services to suit their needs.

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